Our volunteers’ passion and dedication are invaluable to us

Not only do they ensure a fantastic visitor experience, but they help to foster a culture of inclusivity, creativity, learning, and fun.

“Volunteering at the Loughborough Bellfoundry Trust is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done! I highly recommend volunteering in this unique, friendly and rewarding environment.”

Sally Brown, Volunteer Tour Guide


We treat our volunteers as individuals, helping them to find a role within our team that suits them best.

With potential volunteer roles ranging from museum attendants and gardeners to bloggers and photographers, there is a place for everyone.

If you are interested in a specific area of heritage (e.g. museum collections, tour guiding) please include this in your application, or to talk further contact info@belltrust.co.uk


Every year volunteers donate millions of hours to the heritage sector, helping to make our nation’s history and culture available to all. As the Loughborough Bellfoundry enters the next stage of its illustrious life, our team are hard at work developing a new programme of events and activities. They would be delighted to welcome you to our volunteering family.

The benefits of volunteering range from increased health and happiness to gaining new skills and new friends. Whether you are looking to donate a few hours a month or to make a larger contribution, we might just have the right volunteering opportunity for you. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

To join our volunteering family, download the volunteer application form today